Friday, July 11, 2014

Concerts for a Cause - August 2, 2014 - Central Texas Breastfeeding Coalition

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Concerts for a Cause is a monthly concert series that raises money and awareness for different charities that do good work in the Kyle, Texas area. It's brought to you by the fine folks at the Fun in Kyle, Texas Facebook group.

Neighbors coming together to help neighbors. It’s the Kyle, Texas way.

The August 2014 show will be held at MILT'S PIT BBQ and will benefit The Central Texas Breastfeeding Coalition.

Did you know August is 

Father and (9-year-old) son duo Rockaroni and Cheese will be playing.

Venue: MILT’S PIT BBQ (208 W. Center St., Kyle)
Cost: Donation (100% Donations to Charity of the month)

Fun in Kyle, Texas is a Facebook Group in order to promote the fun things to do in this awesome town ( These concerts are a way to raise awareness of and raise money for some of the local-to-Kyle charities that work to make this “simply charming” city an even better place to live. They are being produced by members of Fun in Kyle, Texas.

Milt’s Pit BBQ (Owned by Greg and Kimi Devonshire) has donated the space to have the event. We encourage you have dinner during the event. Milt’s is a BYOB establishment.


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